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We meet with up and coming artists all the time that have a need for information in the Music Industry. Many are at a stand-still because they do not know which steps to take in order to reach the next level.

We hope some of these links will help you with your goals in this tough business. So you wrote your song lyrics, now you are ready to copyright but don't know how.

You will need copyright registration forms from the U.S. Library of Congress.  Go to  for complete information on Sound Recordings and other informational circulars. For Work of Performing Arts you need copyright Form PA & Form SR. You can download these forms along with the instructions on how to fill them out at their website.

For protection of your band name and logo in the United States, go through the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office. Web address: .

Other questions we are asked like...Where do I get a barcode? U.C.C. - Uniform Code Council. Their website is .

Also if you are in need for parental advisory labels for your CD, it can be obtained through the RIAA.  Website address:  .

For CD sales tracked and credit contact: SoundScan Client Services. Their website address is  .


Organizations For Composers And Songwriters PRO (Performing Rights Organizations)

ASCAP-American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers

Web address: .

BMI-Broadcast Music, Inc.  Web address: .

SESAC- Web address: .



Protect Yourself In The Music Business

In the music business you need to protect yourself at an early stage in the game. Learn and read up on the business as much as time will permit.

Make sure you own and control your copyrights, your music publishing, the rights, name, and likeness to your stage name and image. Meaning your trademark and servicemark of your stage name. Also own and control your domain name for your website. Have a music entertainment attorney to review and draft your contracts. Do not attempt to sign long-term exclusive contracts; if you do, have your attorney to review all paperwork.


  • COPYRIGHT For more information about how to protect yourself click here. 


* Here's Some More Links For You Do- It- Yourselfers:

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Royalty Free Music

Is one of the largest providers of royalty-free music content in the world. 

Royalty Free Music Search


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