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First ask yourself the question, who do I want to bring to my website and what do I want them to do once they visit my site. This can make a difference in designing a business or a personal site.

Next you will need a domain name. A domain name signifies your internet address so try to choose one that tells people a little bit about your site. Many web hosting companies offer the free domain check. This gives you a chance to see if anyone has the domain name already.

Try to use (.com) unless you represent a non-profit organization (.org) if not in the education field (.edu) or a government agency (.gov).  If you think your domain name is going to become a valuable asset you may want to register the (.net) (.biz) (.info) and (.us) as well.

Once you finish checking the domain name before you purchase the name, keep in mind a lot of companies include domain name registration along with hosting packages.

There are many companies offering free hosting; however everything free isnít always good. 

Some people think once you publish a website, you can sit back and drink a cup of tea and visitors will automatically come to your site. Well, Iím here to tell you thereís more to it than that.

Personally, I donít have the time to surf several websites to gather everything I need. I prefer an inexpensive hosting company that offers a total package from start to finish. I want them to include the web templates so if I donít want to use a web designing software program, no problem I can just type my information in just like a word processor, insert my meta tag information and add my graphics.

Website Building

You want to build a website so the average person with even a slow computer can view the pages. Some of the more hi tech flash sites loose visitors and business due to not being viewable by the average computer.

There are many web designing software programs out on the market to get you off and running, however I prefer  the old Microsoft FrontPage. In order to use the full benefits of FrontPage, make sure your hosting company supports FrontPage extensions. This will insure your web components will work properly. Whether you use an older software program like FrontPage 2003,  or a newer program, the advantage is web templates with color schemes. This is the best way of ensuring that your site remains consistent. Also there are pre-existing HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) included.  All you have to do is add in your titles of your page or  pages which are like adding codes without the programming knowledge.  

See sample below, the bold area is where you would type.


<Title>Power Walking</Title>

<META name="description" content= "Walk Your Way To A Slimmer Body.">

<META name="keywords" content="power walking, fitness, walk aerobics, walking technique, slimmer body.">


Make sure you do not enter your keywords more than five times. This is considered spamming according to most search engines.

There are many books out on the market that can give you more details about designing your own website. Check first with your local library. You should be able to find books that can give you step-by-step directions. 

Also, go to our other page if you want some web templates. Look for a company's banner called Dream Templates... Click here

Hope Iíve helped you with some of your basic question about designing your own website, the rest is up to you.



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Written by Noah "Shine" Harris.

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